Center for Integrated Building Design Research at UNC Charlotte


Current research is focused on the refinement of regionally specific computer-aided analysis tools used to evaluate total building energy performance, and the economic valuation of architectural systems and their design attributes. Our research is also focused on the performance attributes associated with architectural envelope systems that impact choices of efficient mechanical and electric lighting systems in retrofit and new construction. This research has focused primarily on public-sector building types (e.g., schools and libraries) to enable users, operators and design professionals the means to effectively evaluate the impact of building decisions at the earliest stages of design.

The application of this research knowledge to sustain the building energy futures of the Piedmont regions of the Carolinas has been the primary objective to guide the cooperative outreach and professional design assistance activities of the Lighting and Building Energy Technologies Laboratory. To continue to advancement of environmentally appropriate design methods, construction practices, and maintenance processes, the laboratory seeks to understand the technical informational needs of designers, builders, and owners. Because of this, the laboratory actively pursues and engages in the establishment of applied research partnerships between academic, public, and private sector constituents, as well as design professionals within the community, region, and state.